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Topsham RollerWorld is ready to see you skate!  After a short closing doors re-opened on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 and RollerWorld welcomed over 100 guests to the facility. Then on Friday, February 24th, 2012 RollerWorld  had a Grand Re-Opening with over 240 people who came out to celebrate. 

RollerWorld continues to be committed to being a fun, safe and affordable place for families, adults, teens and children of all ages to enjoy! 

Click here for RollerWorld's schedule of skate times, prices and other events. 

​We also offer Birthday Parties, Private Rentals, Fundraising Opportunities and Teen Dances. Snack bar with arcade games are also at RollerWorld!
RollerWorld ®  20 Atwood Rd, Topsham, ME  04086   207-358-7875
20 Atwood Rd.Topsham, ME 
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We are all set for a regular schedule this weekend! 
Weekend of September 12th:
Friday: 6-8:30pm Skate
Friday: 9-11pm Teen Dance
Saturday: 1:30-4pm Skate
Saturday Night: 7-9:30pm Skate
Sunday: 1:30-4pm Skate
Sunday: 6-8pm Christian Skate